Heavycoin is the first Ultra-Secure , Democratic, Multi-Algorithm Cpu-Mining Only cryptocurrency coin.

Ultra-Secure: Heavycoin introduces a novel ultra-secure hashing algorithm that employs multiple redundant cryptographic hash functions to secure its block chain. Bitcoin and other networks rely only on SHA-256, which was developed by the NSA. The Snowden revolations bring into question the security of SHA-256 and, thus, the true government independence of Bitcoin. read more

Democratic: Heavycoin is the first crypto-currency where the mining schedule and money supply are decided democratically by its user-base. This is achieved by allowing miners to participate in a fully decentralized cheat-proof voting process. The money supply still has a fixed upper-bound of 128M HVC. Will there be 63M or 128M HVC? How long until we get there? You decide! read more

Cpu-Mining Only: To support the largest, most vibrant mining community, Heavycoin introduces a novel CPU-only cryptographic hash function called HEFTY1. This enables anyone with a normal computer to mine Heavycoins and become a stakeholder. HEFTY1 works by breaking the SIMD (single-instruction, multiple-data) assumption that GPU and ASIC miners rely on. read more


    • CPU-only: Introduces HEFTY1, a novel approach to CPU-only proof-of-work
    • Ultra-secure: combines SHA-256, Keccak-512, Grøestl-512, BLAKE-512 in a secure way
    • Block time: 2 Min
    • Retarget up: Every 5 blocks (max 100%)
    • Retarget down: Every block (max 200%)
    • Starting block reward: 0 (for first 100 blocks ~ 3.3 hours)
    • Block reward: 1024 max (decentralized block reward voting)
    • Total supply: 128M HVC
    • Multipool protection: Kimoto Gravity Well Temporal Retargeting
    • Premine: 1-2% (depending on total supply) for future development, support and maintenance

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