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Finally, there is a coin available for the serious neckbeards among us: FedoraCoin. Known from the Fedora Linux distributions, FedoraCoin aims for developers and for the exchange of tips. It has a distinctively high amount of total coins (500 bln. which is 5 times the amount of DogeCoin) and initially was traded 5:1 to DogeCoin.

It is likely that Fedoracoin will soon be officially renamed to TIPS, because this name seems to stick better with the community.
The Fedoracoin wallet is the first wallet that has the mixing feature out of the box. This means that the user can anonymize his coins by tumbling them.

Fedoracoin can be exchanged on following exchange sites:

  • cryptsy

Useful Fedoracoin links:




  • Block 0 – 99999: 0-5,000,000 FedoraCoin Reward
  • Block 100000 – 199999: 0-2,500,000 FedoraCoin Reward
  • Block 200000 – 299999: 0-1,000,000 FedoraCoin Reward
  • Block 300000 – 399999: 0-625,000 FedoraCoin Reward
  • Block 400000 – 499999: 0-312,500 FedoraCoin Reward
  • Block 500000 – 599999: 0-156,250 FedoraCoin Reward
  • Block 600000+: 50,000 FedoraCoin Reward




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